WAN - Dual WAN
TM-AC1900 provides Dual WAN support. Select Failover mode to use a secondary WAN for backup network access. Select Load Balance mode to optimize bandwidth, maximize throughput, minimize response time, and prevent data overload for both WAN connections.
Basic Config
Enable Dual WAN
Primary WAN
Secondary WAN
Dual WAN Mode
Load Balance Configuration   :  
Import ISP profile rules None Primary WAN Secondary WAN
Country / ISP profile rules for Primary WAN
Country / ISP profile rules for Secondary WAN
Ping Time Watch Dog
Interval   seconds
Delay   seconds
Fail Count
Failback count
Enable Watch Dog Yes No
Routing rules for dual WAN
Enable Routing rules Yes No
Routing rules (Max Limit : 32)
Source IP Destination IP WAN Unit Add / Delete